Really Simple

I finally figured out how to get an RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) feed for the blog (if you are interested in background on RSS start here) . For those of you who haven’t used this, it is a way to get automatic updates when I post new content to the site. If you need help getting started, let me know. You can use these feeds: TheAnecdotalArchivist

You can use a number of readers including Google, GatorNews, FreeReader, or Pluck among others. I have also changed the settings to allow non-members leave comments. So please, comment away!.

Published by Mark Harvey

State Archivist of Michigan AIM: archivesmich GoogleTalk: Also on: Facebook, LinkedIN Interests * Birding * Flyfishing * Historic buildings * Macs * Archives of course! Favorite Movies * River Runs Through It; O Brother Where Art Thou; Matewan; too many to list. Favorite Music * Classical * Bluegrass * Americana/roots; Currently Listening to: OCMS; Wilco; Richard Buckner; Sufjan Stevens; Neko Case. Favorite Books * The River Why * Brothers K * Currently Reading: “Eat This Book” by Eugene Peterson.

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