Archives on the Radio

April 12, 2007

Archives on the Radio
I’ve noted before that our staff has written some local history articles for

Lansing’s City Pulse newspaper. These have prompted a couple local
radio interviews.

This Friday, April 13th, archivist Robert Garrett will be on the Jack Ebling Show from about
6:20 – 6:30. The show can be heard on Lansing A.M. Radio Station 1320
(Call letters WILS). The subject is Lansing’s African-American
neighborhoods. The interview was prompted by this City Pulse article.

(I don’t know if you can pick it up outside of Lansing.)

Last October, Bob did a radio interview on the history of trolleys in
Lansing. Since then, Lansing has adopted a modern “trolley” line between Lansing and East Lansing.

The interview was for the City Pulse’s radio show (broadcast on the MSU
student station.). You can now access that interview online. If you
fast-forward about-third of the way in (after the interview with Lansing
Mayor Virg Bernero), then you can hear Bob. You’ll need Quicktime or
something equivalent to access it. With that in mind, here’s the link.


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