In Defense of Silos

Words I’m not one for management jargon.  I’ve been skimming my share of management books lately.  Most recently, Good to Great (especially the booklet for social sectors).  Good to Great was published in 2001 so I’m behind in the lastest chic management style, but then again, so it seems is our terminology.  Take the termContinue reading “In Defense of Silos”

Council of State Archivists

I have recently been working with other state archivists and their staff on the issue of providing online access to primary resources. Many states have been approached by vendors (, iArchives and Genealogical Society of Utah to name a few) interested in developing a business relationship to provide online access to original documents. The CouncilContinue reading “Council of State Archivists”

Internet Public Library

If you ever look at you might be interested in today’s “Site of the Day” it is none other than the Internet Public Library. Of particular interest is the Archives section under the Arts and Humanities. There is a listing for all of the state’s official archives: and more. It began out ofContinue reading “Internet Public Library”

Memory Miner Software

Good morning. Just a quick post to talk about a few websites I was told about recently. The first is really a software program called “Memory Miner”( This is currently a Mac-only beta program. But watch the Quicktime demo, it does some very interesting things with photos and timelines. Second, is the search engine “retrievr”Continue reading “Memory Miner Software”

SingleBing and Electronic Records

We hear so much about electronic records these days. The speed at which they are created, the variety of formats, and the complications in long-term preservation. These 1’s and 0’s are the subject of an increasing number of conference sessions, listserv postings and blogs. The recent issue of the American Archivist includes an interesting articleContinue reading “SingleBing and Electronic Records”

July 14, 2006: Friday picked up where Thursday left off. We have had a great influx of student help from Wayne State, U of M and Michigan State. Doug Elbinger of Elbinger Studios is working with the Archives to digitize his collection that he will donate. Our most recent student, Cathie Toshach, myself and DougContinue reading

July 13, 2006: Today proved to be very busy. In the morning I spoke to the Michigan Genealogical Council at there quarterly delgates meeting. MGC gets updates on current and future Archives projects plus they wanted a demonstration of the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC). I hadn’t used NUCMC since my graduate researchContinue reading