Quietly last month we turned the Archives of Michigan EAD site on to a live server.  The initial guide for the Michigan Military Establishment is the result of a National Historical Records and Publications (NHPRC) grant titled “Thank God for Michigan” awarded in 2007.  The grant seeks to uncover time and cost effective methods of digitizing historical records and making them accessible online.

Central to the project are uploads of large amounts of digitized, original records with minimal meta data attached.  The EAD finding aid serves as the guide to the collection linking to images of individual documents (search the Second Michigan Infantry to find examples of actual documents online).  The Archives is in the process of loading all 75,000 Civil War related images from the state collection.  Follow the EAD ink in the right column to the site.

In addition to the State of Michigan Civil War materials, other EAD guides are being loaded as they are completed.  Browse the collections to see a full listing of available guides.

Special thanks to the University of Michigan for providing DLPS servers and the XPAT search engine for the project.  I will post more information as the project nears completion in 2008.